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creative ways of moving freight

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Collaborative Logistics

Blue5PL matches crossborder shippers to move synchronized freight on Shared Truckloads, finding huge efficiencies and tackle carbon emissions at the same time.

Is not LTL, nor FTL, but a BlueSTL

Looking forward to maximizing truck/trailer utilization on weight and volume. Blue aims to fill the trailer on what is called a Shared Truckload, an STL. Blue’s STLs optimize routes, running the least possible miles, with synchronized order pickups, and deliveries.


We move more cargo in fewer trucks, with less money, and helping the planet. Yes, it's magic!




Time in Transit


Less Damage


Less Emissions

Shared TruckLoads offers an average of 35% in costs reduction.

Shipments switching from LTL to STL reduce their time in transit by 2 days.

STLs are 99.998% damage free. Far better than any LTL carrier.

Blue5PL reduces an average of 38% the greenhouse emissions.

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Our Technology

Synchronization of multiple Supply Chains

Blue5PL's platform finds the best mix of LTL and FTL shipments to fill what we call a Shared TruckLoad, an STL.

Blue matches shippers that can ride together based on origin and delivery points, pallet count, dimension and weight, as well as stackability and commodity (ex. HazMat vs Food)

During this process, our innovative tool examines additional criteria in the Mexican freight and crossborder industry. For example, C-TPAT certifications, used customs brokers and special import and export permits.

Net Zero Carbon

Supply Chain

Blue5PL reduces greenhouse gas emissions, by combining shipments and avoiding several FTLs with empty space or inefficient LTL rides. Then, we offset the remaining emissions by supporting eco projects, transforming our services into Carbon Neutral.

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