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The Right Thing to Do


The reason that Blue5PL exists is to elevate the consciousness of the North America Crossborder Freight Ecosystem to do the right thing for the business, the environment, and society. 


Through real collaboration and enabling creative ways of moving freight, Blue5PL generates business efficiencies that are friendly to the environment and return sustainable economic growth to all sizes of organizations. 

Our Mission

Synchronized Freight


Blue5PL Platform matches crossborder shippers to move synchronized freight finding huge efficiencies and tackle carbon emissions at the same time.

With our Shared Truckload, BlueSTL concept, we go beyond profit. After reducing the cost of transportation by an average of 35% and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by an average of 38%, we offset the remaining emissions, and by taking a small portion (1.2% avg.) of generated savings and investing it in environmental projects, we offer a carbon neutral service.

This shared concept also democratizes rates and gives access to small companies at the same rates that big corporations have, as they contribute to each other to fill trailers on volume and weight, and each pay just the portion of the truck they use.

Our Values

Do the

Right Thing

Do the right thing for the business, for the environ- ment, and for society. Ele- vate your consciousness, and be aware of every- thing you could impact. Position “we before me” in everything you do.


Innovate, experiment, test, propose, implement new ideas and push yourself beyond your actual limits, be lean, creative and persistent, design the “How Yes”, and don't give up.


You are not alone. We are a Team. Learn from others and embrace diversity. Commit your individual effort to the group. Communicate with enthusiasm and Integrity. Share your passions.

Think Big

Maximize the potential of who you already are. Here it's about leveraging your gifts to do greater things. Dream big. Fight not only to be the best in the world but also the best for the world.


Sense of


Take the initiative, set goals, honor deadlines, and celebrate milestones. Move on a fast-paced mode, pivot when needed, adapt yourself, be agile, and get things done. Use time wisely.

Our Team

Eduardo Fernandez-foto perfil#0-circulo azul sin fondo.png

Eduardo Fernández

Founder & CEO

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Rodrigo-foto perfil#0-circulo azul sin fondo.png

Rodrigo Martinazioli

Co-Founder & Head of Collaboration

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Margot Dieck-foto perfil#0-circulo azul sin fondoB.png

Margot Dieck

Head of Operations

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José Manuel-foto perfil#0-circulo azul sin fondo.png

José Manuel Carrillo

Head of Finance

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Our Awards

1st Prize 

Transport Innovation Week

TIW is an initiative of the IPRESET and T21 Magazine where FreightTech startups projects compete. A prestigious panel of judges qualifies and selects winners in 3 categories, New Busniess Models, Security, and Sustainability. 


Blue5PL innovative and sustainable business model won the 2022 edition of TIW with its Shared Truckload concept. A concept that generates huge efficiencies and tackle carbon emissions at the same time.

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