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With the sustainable development goals in mind, Blue5PL is embedding sustainability and equity across its operations.

We take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts. Without any doubt, the biggest challenge humanity is facing.


It's inside our purpose to elevate the consciousness of the crossborder freight industry, with an easy-to-implement real action for those Supply Chain Managers without the need to invest, on the contrary, by saving money at the same time.


Net Zero Carbon

Blue5PL reduces greenhouse gas emissions, by combining shipments and avoiding several FTLs with empty space or inefficient LTL rides. Then, we offset the remaining emissions by supporting eco projects, transforming our services into Carbon Neutral.

Aqua Initiative

Where green meets Blue


Blue5PL team will calculate the total emissions your supply chain is generating today and integrate that into a report.


As you start moving STLs, Blue5PL will calculate reductions of emissions and will give you a signed letter of CO2 Lbs reduced.


Any remaining emissions will be offset thru our partners' programs by buying carbon certificates, that will be shared with you.

Cool Effect

Blue5PL have partnered with Cool Effect, a community built around a vision of give people the power to reduce the carbon pollution that causes climate change.


Specially we are offsetting supporting a project managed by Cool Effect and Ingegius communities of Ejido de Santiago Coltzingo in Puebla, Mexico for an Improved Forestry Management project that encourages residents to preserve and grow the biomass in their standing forests.


Beyond Environment


Rates Democratization


By approaching small and local businesses all over Mexico with the same logistical capacity as bigger enterprises, Blue is promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth and decent work for all.

No Empty Space = No Waste

Reducing transportation waste can contribute to environmental sustainability by lowering carbon emissions and overall costs and increasing the efficiency of logistical systems.

STL shipments are damage free meaning shippers eliminate the environmental risk of remanufacturing and reshipping duplicate goods.


FreightTech &  CleanTech Innovation

By developing technology focused on optimizing share truck loads we increase the access of small businesses to logistical services and their integration into international value chains and markets.

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